Standing for Life in Critical Times

Date: January 17, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Brad Mattes
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Brad Mattes is President of Life Issues Institute which was founded in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement. Brad is the host of Life Issues which is a daily radio commentary, and the host of the weekly Straight Talk on Life Issues, and has produced numerous radio specials standing for life.

It was January 22, 1973 that a majority of United States Supreme Court Justices issued their opinion that abortion was a right found in the United States Constitution. It took 49 years, but on June 24, 2022 the Court overturned Roe v Wade in a decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. And right now, the floodgates have opened with a number of states protecting life in the womb, whereas others are targeting life in the womb.

Annually on the Sunday closest to the Roe v Wade decision is Sanctity of Life Sunday. That’s this coming Lord’s Day. This Friday, January 19th is the 51st annual March for Life in Washington DC.

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