Foundational Truths

Date: January 16, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest:  Israel Wayne
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It’s not unusual to hear about entire homes that have collapsed due to an insufficient foundation.  So here’s a question: As it applies to your life, how strong is your spiritual foundation?  What about the spiritual foundation of your family?  Sadly, there have been tragedies due to a lack of a sure foundation even in Christian homes.  

Joining Jim to discuss a resource that can help you develop a strong foundation was Israel Wayne.  Israel and his wife Brook are homeschooling parents to eleven children. He is also an author and conference speaker who has a passion for defending the Christian faith and promoting a biblical worldview. He’s the author of several books including: Education: Does God Have an Opinion?; Pitchin’ A Fit! Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting; Raising Them Up – Parenting for Christians, and other titles as well. Since 1995, Israel has traveled the nation speaking on family, homeschooling, revival, discipleship, and cultural issues. He’s been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences. Israel also serves as the Director of Family Renewal.  He appeared on Crosstalk to discuss his latest book, Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism Answering the Essential Questions of Christianity.

Conversation began with Israel describing the foundation of the majority of Christian homes today.  He noted how he had the chance to interview Dr. George Barna, the leading researcher on all things related to the church in the U.S.  Barna’s latest research shows that only 1% of people under the age of 29 in the U.S. have a basic, foundational, biblical worldview.  This shows that Christian families and churches have not been effective when it comes to passing on the Christian faith and its values to the next generation.

So why all the biblical illiteracy when copies of the Bible are plentiful and we’re inundated with Christian literature, Christian broadcasting, podcasts, etc?  Israel believes it’s because parents have not taken their biblical mandate to disciple their children seriously.  They’ve left it up to the church to do that for them and that hasn’t worked.  In addition, churches have increasingly moved toward an entertainment focus in attempting to reach children rather than preparing them through sound biblical doctrine or theology.

So listen as Israel explains why his book is needed for such a time as this. He defined the word, “Catechism” and its relationship to Scripture, he explained why a catechism can help people when they’re confronted with questions they can’t answer, he noted the difference between his catechism and other historic catechisms, there’s the life application aspect of this book, and so much more to take in.

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