Globalist Agenda:  Looking Back, Looking Forward

Date: January 10, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest:  Gary Kah
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The globalist agenda never gives up.  It backs off for a while only to be repackaged in another wrapper.  However, its goals always remain the same because it strikes at national sovereignty, taking every opportunity to gain central power in its desire to dominate the lives and liberties of people around the world.

To prove this point via the latest news on this subject, Jim welcomed back Gary Kah.  Gary is founder and director of Hope for the World.  Gary is Editor of Hope for the World Update.  He’s an author and former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.

Gary began with comments concerning Israel’s war with Hamas.  He believes that the timing of this war is not coincidental and that it’s intended to set the stage, through fear and panic, for a lunge into a more globalist system. 

This war has a lot of “moving pieces” and Gary shared what they’re up to as he noted that 10 top Iranian generals took up positions in Syria, so Iran is basically running things there.  Also, unlike Hamas, Hezbollah has over 120,000 precision guided rockets and missiles to launch at Israel.  So right now all the weapons are coming from Iran, through Syria, and into southern Lebanon and if Hezbollah ramps up their efforts, Israel is going to have to respond and that might mean going after Syria.

Complicating matters are the Russian advisers that Gary indicated have been there all along.  This means that if Russia and Iran become part of the war, while simultaneously you have the Russia/Ukraine war taking place, this could grow into something much larger than a regional conflict.

Another major point of conversation concerned COP28 that was held in Dubai in November/December.  The name comes from the fact that it was the 28th meeting of the “Conference of the Parties.”  This dealt with the environment which is part of the larger one-world agenda.

Gary explained that many people aren’t aware of the fact that the UK played a major role in this and that King Charles is seen as the de-facto leader of the global environmental movement.

The official COP28 global mandates were to go into effect on December 13, the day after the Dubai meeting ended.  That launched a 7 year plan for full implementation by the the end of 2030 in line with the U.N.’s 2030 agenda.   

Gary shared much more including details on the U.N. Summit of the Future, slated for September, that seeks to put forth a stronger international response to global shocks.  They want emergency powers to become a governing global body and any member nation of the World Health Organization would be obliged to go along with whatever the U.N. does.

Stay on the cutting edge as Gary brings you the latest news concerning U.N. world health, environment and world government activities.    

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