Israel’s War Against Hamas: 60 Days Later

Date: December 7, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Dr. Richard Schmidt
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Dr. Richard Schmidt is pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church and founder of Prophecy Focus Ministries.  He is the speaker on the weekly TV program, Prophecy Focus and the radio broadcast, Prophecy Unfolding.  He spent 32 years in law enforcement including that of acting sheriff of Milwaukee County until his retirement.  He’s authored several books including: Are You Going to a Better Place?, Daniel’s Gap Paul’s Mystery, Tribulation to Triumph: The Olivet Discourse, Globalism: The Great World Consumption and Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and the De-Evolution of Democracy.

It’s been 60 days since Hamas brutally attacked Israel.  Dr. Schmidt believes the reason so many are jumping on the pro-Palestinian bandwagon at this time is because we’re forgetting the barbaric/horrific things that Hamas did 60 days ago.  He described what they did as an animalistic attack that’s demonic in its nature.

As proof, Jim presented audio clips.  One is from State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller, who responded to the raping of Israeli women by Hamas as a weapon of war.  The other was from Jimmy Pacheco.  Before being taken hostage, he was living in a Kibbutz as a caretaker for an elderly man who had been immediately killed by Hamas.

As this broadcast progressed, Dr. Schmidt commented on the following:

  • V.P. Kamala Harris and her statements concerning Israel’s right to defend itself and how she and the president see Israel’s responsibility to Palestinian citizens.
  • What the IDF is doing about the Hamas tunnel system. 
  • How the IDF communicated with Palestinians to help save lives. 
  • The Arrow missile system that shot down a ballistic missile in outer space.  Is this officially the first space battle? 
  • The games being taught to young Palestinian children. 
  • Antisemitism on university campuses. 
  • The FBI’s Christopher Wray and his warning for the United States. 

      …and much more! 

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