Israel At War

Date: October 17, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Chris Katulka
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It was on October 7th that Hamas launched their deadly attack on Israel killing Israeli men, women, children, babies and the elderly.  It’s the largest killing of Jews since the Holocaust.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Hamas, “the new Nazis,” declaring that Hamas is part of a new axis of evil, right alongside Iran.  

With news and analysis on this continuing war, Crosstalk welcomed Chris Katulka.  Chris is assistant director of North American Ministries at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and host of The Friends of Israel Today radio program.  He is a Bible teacher, writer for Israel My Glory magazine and author of the book, Israel Always.

Chris began by noting this attack by Hamas wasn’t spontaneous, it was planned in order to break through Israeli defenses and to systematically kill as many Israeli’s as possible in the shortest possible time.  They attacked the kibbutzes and towns both small and large along the border of Gaza and Israel.

Listeners need to remember that Hamas isn’t just a terrorist organization, it’s a political movement as well as the government of the Palestinian people.  Instead of providing the proper infrastructure for the Palestinians, they concentrate on what their charter communicates, which is that they seek to get rid of the Jewish people. 

Review this broadcast as Chris brings answers to the following questions and more:

  • How are Iran and Hezbollah tied in to this war?
  • What is “Swords of Iron”?
  • Will Palestinians be welcomed in Jordan and/or Egypt?
  • What exactly is Friends of Israel doing to provide relief?
  • How does Chris feel about the American response thus far?

Listeners wrap up the program with their comments and questions.

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