The March Toward Globalism

Date: October 13, 2023
Host: Dalton Windsor

In September of 2023, a VCY rally was held featuring Pastor Richard Schmidt and his presentation, The March Toward Globalism.  This included information concerning artificial intelligence and whether it may be used for or against us.  

Certainly you’ve heard about A/I.  Jane Pauley of CBS, Lester Holt of NBC and Bill Gates have commented on it.  However, what so many don’t know about A/I is how even within the most desperate of end-time scenarios that can be dished up, these have not, cannot and will not surprise God.  As Dalton noted, “Rest assured, God is not in heaven chewing his fingernails, and neither should we.”

When looking at globalism and artificial intelligence, trans-humanism and the de-evolution of democracy, it’s important to look at Scripture as well as some current events and Bible prophecy to see how things are currently taking place.

Pastor Schmidt began by discussing 2 Timothy 3:1 relative to today.  Here Paul is instructing Timothy and expressing those things that will happen at the end of the church age.  Pastor Schmidt specifically warned how important it is to distinguish between what happens during the last days for the church and the nation of Israel.

So what constitutes perilous or dangerous times as noted by 2 Timothy 3?  He asks whether the following are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled and the appropriate response to what he suggests are the last days of the church age:

  • The worldwide reach of the COVID-19 pandemic and the historic, global changes that were a result.     
  • Gender identity fluidity and LGBTQ+ lifestyles.
  • The mainstream media, public schools, government officials, businesses and activist across the U.S. and around the world aggressively promote the normalization of these constructs that are antithetical to God’s created order and design for marriage.
  • Lawlessness in the U.S. where we fail to hold criminals accountable. 
  • Wars taking place around the world. 
  • Nations around the world from Sudan to Afghanistan, from Nigeria to North Korea and Columbia to India persecuting Christians. 
  • Climate change rhetoric and the changes to address it. 
  • The lack of energy independence. 
  • Racial tension in the U.S. 
  • The significant rise in socialism. 
  • The rise of Marxism. 
  • The abandonment of truth. 
  • The rise of secularism in the Christian community. 
  • The rise of executive orders that circumvent checks and balances. 
  • Fake news. 
  • The move toward digital currency and digital implants. 
  • The rise of Artificial Intelligence…and more!

The remainder of the program looked specifically at A/I, beginning with the artificial intelligence Jesus that is drawing young people as it gives gaming and breakup advice.  Also highlighted were the 10 levels of artificial intelligence and the ultimate goal of the people behind it all.   

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