COVID Shot Concerns Continue to Escalate

Date: October 2, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet
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Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is president and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation.  Since February 2020, she has been part of the team of frontline physicians treating COVID early at home.  With Dr. Peter McCullough, she is a co-author/editor of the Guide to COVID Early Treatment: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life.  She’s a past director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  She received her M.D. degree and internship in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed special training at Johns Hopkins.  She appeared on Crosstalk as an independent physician, not as a spokesperson for any healthcare system, pharmaceutical company, insurance plans or political party.  She is a patient advocate.

Currently there’s a lot of messaging going out from the White House and others promoting a new COVID shot.  What does Dr. Vliet know about the FDA approval process concerning this new booster?  Was it only tested on mice?

Dr. Vliet responded by going back to review some history.  She noted that none of the COVID shots are fully FDA approved.  All of them are in use under the emergency authorization clause and therefore don’t require full clinical studies, a lot of the good manufacturing practices or full disclosure of modifications and changes.

She believes the FDA is playing a deceptive word game when they are announcing the new shot as “approved.”  The FDA did not do its full approval process, hence, the shots are not fully approved.  What they did is approve the process to manufacture a new booster, they didn’t approve the shot itself.  In fact, no masks or test kits were ever FDA approved as well.  It’s all a semantics game to deceive people.

The booster is a revision of past boosters but all of the COVID shots are still operating and given license under the emergency use authorization legislation which leaves good manufacturing practices, waves the disclosures and waves the detailed informed consent process that the public should be given.

Why is this still the case with every shot still under the EUA after about 3 years?  Dr. Vliet noted that this is the fact that’s being covered up.  Those that have been trying to communicate this get censored, shut down and accused of spreading misinformation.  She believes it’s all about deceiving people into getting boosters that with each one you receive, there’s more damage from the inflammation of the spike proteins and the lipid nanoparticle toxicity.  The result has been autoimmune conditions, the turning off of tumor-suppressor genes which are our natural defense against cancer, damage to the heart, the brain, the reproductive organs, thyroid and adrenal glands, pancreas and the GI tract.

Dr. Vliet had much more to share so become informed by reviewing this important edition of Crosstalk.  

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