News Roundup & Comment

Date: September 8, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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The news cycle is constantly evolving and Crosstalk is on top of it.  Here’s a selection of stories from this broadcast:

–South Dakota farmers are celebrating a major victory.  Their state’s public utilities commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to reject a controversial carbon capture pipeline proposal.

–After hurricane Idalia slammed into Florida last week, reports of electric vehicles catching fire after coming into contact with flood waters began to merge.  At least 2 Tesla vehicles ignited after being contaminated by salt water from storm surge according to ABC’s Tampa Bay affiliate.

–21 electric vehicles are known to have burned in connection to flooding from hurricane Ian in Florida and the Carolinas last year. 

–An electric vehicle abruptly stopped in the middle of a busy road near Salisbury, England, and remained immovable for most of the day causing a 9 hour traffic bottleneck.

–The Biden administration is making up to 12 billion dollars available for automakers to retrofit their facilities to make electric vehicles and hybrids.

–Saudi Arabia and Russia prolonged their unilateral oil supply curbs by another 3 months, a more aggressive move than traders had been expecting as the OPEC+ members seek to support a fragile global market.

–In a major setback to U.S. energy production, the Biden administration confirmed plans to cancel oil and gas leases in an Alaskan federal wildlife refuge that were awarded to a state agency.

–Gas prices hit the highest level for early September in over a decade.

–The Biden administration quietly reversed a Trump era regulation by moving to ban the transport of liquefied natural gas by rail system.

–Some small town residents in Texas and Iowa are frustrated by mounting piles of wind farm waste in their communities.

–Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became the first governor in America last week to reject millions of federal aid dollars for green initiatives under the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, throwing a wrench into the Biden administration’s plans in providing a stark contrast to standard GOP leadership.

–The George Soros Foundation is worried that Donald Trump will win the 2024 election and undermine globalist unity.

–A dark money group that has received millions of dollars from Soros’s non-profit is partnering on a new “Abolition School” that’s training activists to eliminate police and prisons.

–A trio of House Republicans Wednesday demanded that a pair of attorneys representing first son Hunter Biden provide documentation of their conversations with the Department of Justice in connection with the aborted plea deal for the first son.
–The Department of Justice confirmed Wednesday that special counsel David Weiss  intends to indict Hunter Biden before September 29th on his alleged possession of   an illicit firearm.

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