Pause for Praise

Date: August 31, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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Each day Crosstalk examines numerous issues that confront Christians including attacks against biblical values, morality, the family, common decency and more.  As Christians become more informed, they can get caught up in things like the political realm or the efforts of the United Nations that challenge our values.  In other words, getting involved to uphold that which is biblical is good, but in the process we can find ourselves taking our eyes off of God and focusing on our circumstances and the environment in which we live.

It’s especially important to re-focus and praise him when we know we’ve found our eyes have been removed from him.  Examples of praise for our God abound within the pages of Scripture.  Habakkuk, Jethro, Hannah, Saul and the men of Israel, Hiram, King David, Isaiah and Paul all rejoiced in the Lord.

This is why Crosstalk took time once again to pause for praise.  This was an opportunity for listeners to get on the program and finish the phrase, “Today I’m praising the Lord for…”.

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