Can America Be Restored?

Date: August 22, 2023
Host: Dalton Windsor
​Guests: Dr. Byron Foxx and Chad Connelly
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Since God said that Abel’s blood cried out to him from the ground, what does that say for the 65 million abortions that have occurred in America since the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down?

What about our courts and legislative bodies and how they’ve destroyed the definition of marriage, God’s first institution.  Now we’re to the point where we can’t even figure out what it means to be male or female!

Our day is marked by violence, immorality, division and all sorts of evil.  So many people ask: Are we beyond hope?  Have we gone so far down that it’s time to just give it up?  Can America be restored?

Joining Dalton to answer that question was Dr. Byron Foxx.  Dr. Foxx is founder and past president of Bible Truth Music serving many thousands of churches across the country.  Dr. Foxx is also an evangelist who travels the nation holding God & Country Rallies.

Also part of the discussion was Chad Connelly.  Chad is founder and president of Faith Wins, an organization dedicated to educating, activating and mobilizing faith leaders, helping them mobilize their influence and impact within the governmental and political arena.

What would George Washington do if he was alive today?  Dr. Foxx believes Washington would be staggered by all of today’s technology.  On the other hand, he indicated he’d be quite disappointed in our nation.  Then again, Dr. Foxx said he’s disappointed in our country and how things have changed in just his lifetime, and not necessarily for good.

Dr. Foxx talked about preachers and how they influenced the founders of America.  He pointed to Evangelist Samuel Davies and the influence he had on Patrick Henry.  His influence was so great on Henry that the last thing Henry was doing as he lay on his deathbed was to lead his lost doctor to Christ. 

Where did we get off course?  Chad noted how the church used to influence the culture, now the culture influences the church.  So what once was arguments over being conservative vs. liberal have become arguments over whether boys can feel like girls on certain days and whether they can shower with your daughters.  We’ve lost our common, biblical, moral code.  In Scripture, this was an admonition for the fathers to teach.  It was a time when man’s laws and God’s laws were the same.  Today, however, we have conflict within our laws as many of man’s laws don’t reflect God’s laws and the result is that truth has become relative.

This battle has been going on for thousands of years.  Dr. Foxx pointed to Daniel who dared to trust God in the midst of a pagan nation and a corrupt government.  They passed a statutory law: No more praying!  Daniel stayed with God and continued to pray.  He ended up in a den of lions but to this day we still talk about how God sent an angel there to protect his man.

Our citizenship is in heaven but that doesn’t negate your responsibility to act like Daniel and stand by the truth while here on earth.  Find out why and how you should be going about that task so that America can be restored.

So take the opportunity to listen to this great discussion, and hear what listeners had to say as well, as this Crosstalk looks at the current state of our nation, along with what the future can look like as we look to Christ.

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