Beware of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Date: August 21, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Julie Quist
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In previous programs we have warned about Social-Emotional Learning that is invading many public schools across the nation.  But did you know SEL is also invading Christian schools?

Appearing with Jim to tell us more, Crosstalk welcomed Julie Quist.  Julie is Board Chair of Child Protection League which is committed to promoting the welfare of children and protecting them from exploitation, indoctrination and violence.  They educate citizens on issues that protect or threaten the safety of children.

Julie defined SEL as, “…a radical education program that indoctrinates children with the basic principles of cultural Marxism.”  She warned that this is not the way it presents itself to the public, but this is what it is.

For Julie, SEL is vary vague as it talks about children controlling their emotions.  It also communicates that it gives them life skills because those words are very appealing to parents and the public.  

Since SEL is based on emotion and not at all about academics, cognitive learning has no part in it.  This has replaced academics as the core curriculum.  Isn’t school and education supposed to be about academics?  Yes, and that’s why Julie calls SEL “fake education.”  As she pointed out, we send our children to school to learn basic knowledge which is the building block for being able to understand the world, be successful and provide leadership.

In the end, SEL is all about indoctrinating children into a worldview that’s based upon Critical Race Theory.  In other words, it’s based on equity and is, as they call it, a lever for social justice.    

As this program unfolded, Julie also addressed the following:

  • The SEL tie to the United Nations and UNESCO.
  • The connection of SEL to LGBTQ lifestyles.
  • What is the Consortium for Academic and Social-Emotional Learning?
  • The assessment process to gauge how children are succeeding within SEL.
  • How the SEL process builds a profile on parents and families.
  • How SEL takes Scripture out of context and works its way into Christian schools.
  • SEL and and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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