Father’s Day Tribute 2023

Date: June  15, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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Jim began this Crosstalk with words from a piece by the late Pastor Adrian Rogers called, Dad’s and Father’s Day: What You Should Know.  

Jim then read a 10 point outline from the GotQuestions.org website page titled: What Does it Mean to be a Godly Father?  

A godly father…

  • knows God.
  • loves and honors his wife.
  • accepts responsibility for his children’s spiritual training.
  • is continually aware of his influence.
  • models selfless service.
  • is consistent.
  • disciplines his children appropriately.
  • does not allow himself to be controlled by outside influences.
  • is a man under authority.
  • will lead.

Perhaps your father helped bring you to faith in Christ or impacted your life spiritually in some way.  Maybe there’s a particular skill he taught you or there’s an important word of advice he gave you.  Jim challenged listeners with these thoughts and they responded, as they honored their fathers on another edition of this annual tribute broadcast.

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