Advancements toward Globalism

Date: April 25, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Gary Kah
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Today there are forces attempting to undermine your family, your values, your private property ownership, your food supply, your financial security and even our national sovereignty, all to advance globalism and control over every person on the planet.  

Returning to Crosstalk to bring listeners an update on this effort was Gary Kah.  Gary is founder and director of Hope for the World.  He is editor of Hope for the World Update as well as an author and former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.

Jim opened the broadcast by noting that president Biden has announced his intention to run for a second term in the White House.  Gary responded by calling this, “crazy.”  He feels that since Biden was able to get elected sitting in his basement, who’s to say that it can’t happen again.

Gary expressed that we live in a world where the centers of power in the U.S. are in the hands of globalists and they’re flexing their muscles.  The exception may be the Supreme Court although they may not be as conservative as some people think. 

What if former President Trump runs again and wins?  If that happens, Gary believes the far “left” will make the summer of 2020 look like a picnic, releasing much lawlessness to fracture the nation, which has to happen in order for us to move into a global system of government.  

Gary also commented on the apparent shift of powers taking place in the world.  Everything Biden has done has brought Russia and China closer, and on most fronts (other than nuclear submarines), these two nations together are stronger than the U.S.  

China is flexing its muscles against Taiwan.  This is very concerning because about 60-70% of computer chips that we use come from this island nation.

As the conversation segued into the second quarter hour and beyond, topics included:

  • Can we soon expect the implementation of a central bank digital currency?  What does this mean for a future cashless society?
  • Sudan and the possible biological risks on the horizon.
  • May 21-30 is the dates for the 76th World Health Assembly.  Will the U.S. surrender its sovereignty to the assembly’s pandemic treaty?
  • The war on the world’s food supply.
  • The latest news regarding the merging of world religions through inter-faith efforts.

Callers from around the nation phoned-in their views and questions as well.

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