The State of the Union:  The People Speak

Date: February 6, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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Tomorrow evening President Biden will be delivering his State of the Union address.  He’ll speak concerning his accomplishments, goals, and his initiatives.  

Jim referenced a number of news stories related to this address.  One from the Washington Post noted that the President will use this address to remind Americans on how their lives have improved during his first two years in office as he tries to confront pessimism and the politics of a newly divided Washington.

Perhaps more importantly, how do citizens feel about the current state of the union?  Jim posed this question to Crosstalk listeners and wanted to hear their answers in areas such as fiscal policy, education, energy independence, the military, foreign affairs, COVID-19, border security, the environment, our food supply, transportation, as well as where we are morally and spiritually.

Review this edition of Crosstalk and hear how your fellow listeners from across the nation responded.

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