Reaching Youth in Critical Times

Date: November 1, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guests:  John Luck & Fred Pry
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Many times on Crosstalk we’ve described how children are being targeted in our secular culture.  Included in that are those influences that are seeking to lure children away from biblical morality, questioning right vs. wrong or even trying to alienate children away from their parents.  Then there’s the direct indoctrination into aberrant lifestyles with the intent of normalizing that which is abnormal.

In other words, so many children are simply headed in the wrong direction and need to be reached for Jesus.  The problem is, who’s going to do it?

This Crosstalk introduced listeners to an organization that is focused on reaching children in every nation, every day.  

Joining Jim were two guests.  The first was John Luck, assistant to the president of Child Evangelism Fellowship and the second was Fred Pry.  Fred is assistant vice president for Child Evangelism Fellowship.

After a brief overview concerning Jesse Irvin Overholtzer and the history of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), John described the critical nature of getting children the Gospel at an early age and making sure they understand it.

During the program John and Fred also talked about: 

  • How is CEF impacting Ukraine?
  • What is “SPAN”?
  • An update regarding Good News Clubs in the U.S.
  • The impact of CEF in public schools and how listeners can become engaged.
  • What are CEF Christmas Party Clubs?

John noted 2 particularly important points.  First of all, children are the largest segment of the world’s population.  Approximately one-third (about 2.5 billion people) are kids under the age of 15.  Secondly, they are the most fruitful mission field.  He cited George Barna who indicates that of those today who trust Christ, approximately 80% came to know the Lord before their 15th birthday.  That same research indicates that by the time a person reaches the age of 21, the probability of their accepting Christ drops to 6%.  

Hopefully now you understand why this issue is so important.  The Bible confirms this importance as there are over 100 biblical references to children just in the four gospels alone.

Review this edition of Crosstalk and pray to see if perhaps the Lord wants you joining hands with this global ministry (in approximately 200 nations) to reach kids for Christ! 

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