News Roundup & Comment

Date: September 23, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Below is a sample of stories Jim presented to listeners from the news desk:

–The House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday to overhaul the 1887  Electoral Count Act and rewrite election rules to benefit Democrats in presidential contests.

–New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit on Wednesday accusing former President Trump and 3 of his adult children and executives at his business empire of fraudulent financial practices that she claimed occurred over the course of more than a decade.

–The House passed the Invest to Protect Act that’s been said to be a dangerous bill.  If it would pass the Senate, it would allow the DOJ to provide grants to police departments of their choosing while getting their claws into several areas of local policing.

–The Defund the Police agenda launched by leftists across America only a few years ago has had some serious impacts already.  According to a report in the Daily Mail, a retired chief said response times are longer when there are fewer officers and there’s not enough time for training when they’re working overtime.

–New Orleans has overtaken St. Louis as the murder capital of America.

–A survey of San Francisco residents conducted over the summer showed that nearly   two-thirds of them believe the city is going downhill. 

–Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot shot back at McDonald’s CEO for comments that he made about surging crime in Chicago where the fast-food chain is headquartered.

–An accused, jilted madman who flew into an axe-wielding rage at a lower east-side New York McDonald’s was released without bail at his arraignment.

–Conservatives succeeded in canceling a Disney-themed drag show that would have been available to children at a bar in Denton, Texas.

–A Massachusetts elementary school is using “Tolerance Tuesdays” to indoctrinate kids with transgenderism according to a concerned parent. 

–A group known as “Zero to Three” believes children as young as 2 years of age can show signs of having a transgender identity. 

–The New Jersey Department of Education will intervene in school districts that do not implement the state’s new sexual education standards.

–The National Education Association is promoting LGBT sex and lifestyle practices among school children via a new badge worn by educators and created by the NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus.

–A new ordinance in Chicago declares the city a sanctuary for bodily autonomy.

–The University of Massachusetts Amherst is hosting “Pride Night” during their football match-up against one of the largest Christian schools—Liberty University.

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