Crosstalk Celebrates 35 Years!

Date: September 8, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Today is a special day for Crosstalk; it marks 35 years of broadcasting over the VCY America Network. We certainly give God the glory and praise for this milestone. We take you back to 35 years ago when the first Crosstalk broadcast and even further than that to share how a talk show was born.

Jim gives a quick but detailed history of how VCY began with Vic Eliason which led to the first call in program which then led to Crosstalk as we know it today. Jim also played 3 clips from that very first Crosstalk, one of which was a clip of the very first caller on Crosstalk, a 12 year old boy who publicly declared that abortion is sin.

During the final half of the program, Jim opened the lines for listeners to share how Crosstalk has impacted them.

A very specific note made by Jim: to God be ALL the glory for VCY’s accomplishments.

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