Bibles Needed Around the World

Date: February 21, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Jason Woolford
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So many people around the world are being persecuted for either owning a Bible or having a Bible app on their smartphone.  Next, consider how many Bibles you have in your possession, especially those that go unused.

The organization discussed on this edition of Crosstalk is in the midst of a Bible drive that ends on March 15th.  They will be sent overseas to those who cannot afford them.  

Returning to Crosstalk to discuss this effort was Jason Woolford.  Jason is the president & executive director of Mission Cry/Christian Resources International.

According to Jason, it’s been reported that about 122,000 people around the world are coming to know Christ as savior every day.  Sadly, many of those individuals are attending churches where the pastor doesn’t even own a Bible.

Mission Cry/Christian Resources International is an organization that is in a unique position to solve this problem.  The ministry began with a junk dealer who found a Bible in a garbage can.  He didn’t want to throw the Bible out so he kept it and eventually sent it overseas.

The result is that over the past 60 years, this ministry has been able to send over 400 million dollars worth of donated Bibles and Christian books to over 178 nations around the world (including Antarctica).  

He noted that the average home has about 7 Bibles sitting on the shelf.  So how many unused Bibles are in your home?  Is your church considering replacing its pew Bibles? Do you come across used Bibles in thrift stores and at rummage sales?  If you or your church can collect used Bibles, you can be a tremendous blessing to others around the world!

Jason encouraged listeners to box up their used Bibles and Christian literature and send them to Mission Cry via Media Mail.  Large numbers of books, such as those that might be obtained via a church Bible drive, can be sent to Mission Cry via state coordinators.  The instructions for doing that are detailed on their website listed below.  Eventually they get placed on a sea container where the materials are sent to distribution points and to ministries that can get them released so that the Word of God gets distributed absolutely free.

More Information

Mission Cry

200 Free St.

Fowlerville, MI  48836

If you would like to help pay for sea container-shipping costs, send a check to: 

Mission Cry

P.O. Box 356

Fowlerville, MI  48836


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