Canadian Tyranny

Date: February 16, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Jim began the program with audio from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who declared a national emergency, invoking the Emergency Powers Act to go into effect due to the trucker strike in Canada over COVID mandates.

Also, featured was audio from Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.  She said that the government is seeking  to cut the legs out from the protest by draining its financial support.  She also mentioned that they would use Canada’s terrorist financing rules to make certain that protesters can’t use cryptocurrencies and crowd-funding platforms.

As the program progressed, Jim presented various Canadian protest-related news items including:

  • Truckers who remained in Ottawa yet on Monday evening were largely undeterred by Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Powers Act, feeling it is just another power grab and that they’d continue their protest.
  • A 3rd Canadian liberal party member of Parliament called into question Trudeau’s handling of the COVID crisis, saying that Canadians deserve to know when virus rules would be lifted.
  • The crowd-funding platform, GiveSendGo, is operating again after a cyber attack against the Canadian trucker freedom convoy fundraiser occurred this past Sunday evening.
  • A woman who donated to the Canadian freedom trucker convoy was forced to close her gelato store after her information was leaked in the GiveSendGo hack.
  • A report in Newsweek has cited an email from organizers revealing that the MAGA convoy (named after President Trump’s campaign slogan) is set to begin in Los Angeles on February 25th with Washington, DC, as its destination.

Jim had more to share including listener input from around the nation.

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