COVID News and Absurdity

Date:  January 12, 2022
Host:  Jim Schneider
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This broadcast took a detailed look at specific COVID-related news items that should be of concern to listeners.  Here’s a brief list of items covered by Jim:

–According to, on Monday evening, Project Veritas released a new report announcing that they had obtained U.S. military documents proving that Dr. Anthony Fauci had lied to Congress and, more specifically, had obtained “never before seen documents regarding the origins of COVID-19, gain-of-function research, vaccines, potential treatments which have been suppressed, and the government’s effort to conceal all of this.”

–Fordham University is banning students from drinking water in buildings because .03% of the school has COVID.

–Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who’s been vaccinated 3 times, allegedly contracted COVID-19 during a meeting in which he was promoting mandatory vaccination.

–Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, has discovered a new strain of COVID that combines Omicron and Delta.  It’s being called, Deltacron.

–A tiny administrative agency for the District of Columbia announced a new policy that will likely serve as a model for a whole-of-government push to assemble a list of Americans who object on religious grounds to a COVID-19 vaccine.

–At a Senate hearing yesterday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul “grilled” White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci over why he attempted to suppress the lab leak theory by dismissing the work of various scientists who were exploring the possibility. 

Details on these and other stories, as well as input from listeners, can be heard by checking out this edition of Crosstalk.

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