Date:  January 5, 2022
Host:  Jim Schneider
​Guest:  Scott Schara
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Crosstalk has conducted numerous programs with medical and other professionals pertaining to COVID-19.  Many news stories have been read on this program pertaining to this matter including those regarding COVID, the shots, the mandates, as well as hospital protocols.  We’ve aired testimony from a press conference from Senator Ron Johnson of those who have been injured by the vaccines or testimony from those who lost a loved one.  

On this broadcast you’ll hear another perspective, the perspective of a father.  In this case it’s a father who’s 19-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome tested positive for COVID and was hospitalized and treated following the protocols that are being carried out in health facilities across the nation.    

The story is shocking, it’s alarming, but we felt it’s important that you hear it firsthand in Scott’s own words.  It’s the story of Grace, who was ushered into eternity on October 13, 2021.

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