J6 Political Prisoners

Date:  November 4, 2021
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Matt Braynard
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January 6, 2021, a Save America Rally was held in Washington, D.C.  In President Trump’s speech to the masses assembled from around the nation he said, “We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated, lawfully slated.  I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”  

Reports have since come out and speculation mounted that U.S. authorities either knew what was going to transpire in advance and allowed it to happen, or undercover state infiltrators played some role in orchestrating the upheaval.  One account on WND.com indicated a U.S. Army veteran who faces 15 years in prison for his alleged role in the January riot, says an FBI informant he knew from his military service urged him to join the mob that broke into the U.S. Capitol.  In the aftermath, stories are emerging of the January 6 political prisoners facing unethical and harsh prison conditions at the hands of the Warden of the D.C. Prison.

Matt Braynard is the executive Director of Look Ahead America.  He founded and led the Voter Integrity Project to discover illegal ballots and other election anomalies. He’s the former Director of Data and Strategy for the Trump campaign.  He’s president of Braynard Group, a political and digital strategy firm and he was a senior redistricting and election administration analyst at Election Data Services.

According to Matt, the FBI and the Capitol Police have joined together to avoid answering questions concerning whether the feds were involved in inciting what took place at the Capitol on January 6th.  Why haven’t they released the over 14,000 hours of video footage showing what happened that day?  What about the incidents of individuals caught on video encouraging people to storm the building?  Why haven’t they been arrested or even questioned?  Who among their staff was “on the ground” that day and what did they know in advance?

All such questions deserve answers and that requires Congress to step up and hold real hearings about the involvement of government and about the Justice Department and FBI’s political persecution of people due to their political beliefs.  Will this Congress be the one to do it or will it have to wait until the next one?

Matt reminded listeners of what was in store for individuals who were captured trying to kill American soldiers on the battlefield.  They were brought to Guantanamo Bay.  The response from the left was to celebrate attorneys who went there to represent pro bono those who were captured.  These attorneys were basically viewed as heroes for their efforts.  

On the other hand, as Matt has tried to connect the J6 prisoners to attorneys, he admits it has been difficult.  While he has had some success, among attorneys who are willing to take the cases, some are told by their law firms they cannot because it will make the firm look bad.  In other words, it’s easier for someone who’s killed U.S. soldiers on foreign soil to get an attorney than it is for our own citizens who’ve committed no violence.  They simply walked into a public building at the wrong time which would normally merit same day release and a $50 fine.

Learn about the appalling living conditions these individuals are being subjected to, hear what listeners had to say, and find out how you can help these individuals who can truly be described as political prisoners.

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