Afghanistan Exit Catastrophe

Date:  September 2, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
​Guest:  Alex Newman
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The story of the U.S. exit from Afghanistan becomes more horrific with each passing day.  There were lies, deception, and death along with the abandonment of an arsenal that will now equip the Taliban, as well as rogue nations, against the U.S. and our interests.

Alex Newman returned to fill listeners in with details on this continuing story.  Alex is an award-winning international freelance journalist, author, researcher, educator and consultant.  He is senior editor for The New American and contributes to other publications as well.  Alex has authored or co-authored several books such as Crimes of the Educators and Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes.  He is founder of Liberty Sentinel.

Alex believes this exit was not an accident.  It was carefully calculated, not by President Biden, but instead by his handlers and those he believes are handling the federal government.  This includes those in the highest levels of the military; the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others.  The idea here was to humiliate America and show the world that no one should ever trust us or rely on us, that America’s allies will be betrayed and that our enemies will be emboldened.

By now you may have heard that President Biden touted how the Afghan army was well equipped to keep the Taliban under control.  Yet it’s been revealed that he received a cable in June from State Department officials indicating a likelihood that the Taliban would take over rapidly once the U.S. pulled out.  

Now there’s a transcript of a July 23rd phone call with President Biden and the former Afghan president where Biden tried to pressure him to change the perception of what was taking place there.  In other words, President Biden knew things were collapsing and what he told the American people was a lie.

Alex believes President Biden had two options.  He could have continued the war indefinitely which would have been a mistake.  On the other hand, he could have prepared a sensible plan where we don’t abandon Bagram Air Force Base in the middle of the night and where we don’t leave approximately 85 billion dollars worth of weaponry behind.    

In the end, Alex believes that as humiliating as this is, it was a carefully orchestrated event that signals the end of what he described as the unipolar world order where the most powerful, single entity (the U.S. government) dominated the planet.  Now we’re moving into the era of what the globalists refer to as the multi-polar world order and one of those powerful “poles” will be China as they come onto the scene in Afghanistan.

Should charges be brought against President Biden over the way the exit proceeded?  Is this setting the stage for Kamala Harris to transition into the presidency?  Are there Americans still left behind in Afghanistan?  What about Afghans who helped the U.S. in the war effort?  Why were people left behind while dogs and cats were rescued?  Did the Department of Defense know who the suicide bomber was ahead of time?

Alex Newman tackled these and other questions, as once again Crosstalk seeks to bring you the truth behind yet another vital issue confronting our nation.     

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