Microbiology Points to Creation

Date:  July12, 2021  
Host:  Jim Schneider   
​Guest:  Dr. Kevin Anderson
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One of the mantras we hear in society today is “Follow the Science,” and from that you will hear a plethora of ideas that come forth on a wide variety of issues such as so-called man-made global climate change, responses to COVID, the COVID shot, and many others. Yet science is often denied when we get to politically correct topics such as gender and whether one is biologically male or female. In these cases it’s “okay” to defy science.

Another issue that is influenced is the matter of origins. There are those who advocate that one must be an evolutionist if they truly follow the science.

Of course our guest on the program, Dr. Kevin Anderson, takes exception to this claim. He joined the program to go into detail about what science actually is, how science fits in with creation, and how his expertise in microbiology also supports creation.



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