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Date:  December 31, 2020  
Host: Jim Schneider   
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With a new week brings another stack of noteworthy news stories. Here is an overview of today’s News Roundup:

  • Trump urges Americans to stop the theft of the Presidential election
  • Trump denied due process in Supreme Court and Lower Courts
  • Dominion lawyers send blistering cease and desist letter to Trump campaign
  • Dominion voting machines hacked during Georgia Senate hearing
  • Giuliani says election counted 10,315 people in obituaries
  • Congress braces for dramatic end to disputed 2020 election
  • Law prohibits Pence from accepting electoral votes from fraudulently certified states
  • Car caravans forming for historic protest in Washington
  • McConnell introduces his own bill on $2,000 stimulus checks
  • Doctor suffers severe reaction moments after receiving Moderna COVID vaccine
  • Vaccinated California nurse contracts COVID
  • 75-year-old Israeli man dies 2 hours after getting COVID vaccine
  • Eight care home workers overdose on COVID vaccine
  • Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dies of COVID
  • Tel Aviv research study says 99.9% of COVID virus dies in 30 seconds with UV LEDs
  • UK scientist calls for even tighter COVID lockdowns
  • Dr. Fauci admits he’s been moving the goalposts on COVID on purpose
  • California has some of the strictest restrictions in the U.S. yet COVID is surging
  • Governor threatens to seize woman’s kids for keeping salon open during lockdown
  • California Supreme Court rules thousands of sex offenders are eligible for early release

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