Pause for Praise

Date:  October 6, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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Do you remember the last time your computer began slowing down or certain functions just stopped working?  Or maybe you have a smart phone or pad and at some point you may have touched the screen in one place but something unexpected came up?

What was the solution?  You probably did a ‘reset’ or ‘reboot.’

This is what this broadcast was meant to be as many issues and challenges are pressing in upon people.  There’s COVID-19 and how it’s affecting church life, Bible studies, the monetary system, the president, and even the Pentagon.  There’s the election, the Senate hearings for Amy Coney Barrett and so much more.    

In light of all this, Jim gave listeners the opportunity to hit the ‘reboot’ or ‘refresh button,’ take time from the issues and pause for praise.  

Join Jim as he encouraged listeners to call and finish the following sentence: Today I’m praising the Lord for…  You’ll be blessed and hopefully encouraged to consider how you too can pause for praise to the Lord!

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