COVID Stories in the News

Date:  August 11, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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Coronavirus continues to dominate the news.  Here’s a sample from the list of stories related to the virus that Jim brought to the attention of listeners:

–President Trump issued 4 major executive orders over the weekend to help people suffering economically from the coronavirus pandemic.

–White House officials and Democratic leaders remained at an impasse yesterday over another relief package with aid for cash strapped state and local governments emerging as the latest obstacle in the negotiations.

–Contracting coronavirus could lead to a substantial cash payout for residents in one California county.

–A Maryland man held in a Virginia prison on rape charges was released over coronavirus concerns, then allegedly murdered his accuser according to police.

–California is apparently set to have released 17,600 prisoners due to the coronavirus pandemic.

–San Francisco police busted a meth lab in a hotel room that was rented out by the city to house front-line workers and a portion of its massive homeless population during the coronavirus pandemic.

–California’s public health director, who held her position for less than a year, resigned suddenly on Sunday evening after unidentified failures in the state’s coronavirus reporting system created a backlog of at least 300,000 unreported cases.

–Russia is claiming to have a vaccine for coronavirus despite international skepticism.

–New data suggests that Sweden’s approach of not locking down may have paid off in the long run.

–Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tested both positive and negative for coronavirus on the same day.

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