The Rocks Cry Out: Evidence for Creation

​Date:      December 3, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
​Guest:     Bruce Malone
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​Bruce Malone is the executive director of Search for the Truth Ministries. He has been speaking on the scientific evidence for creation for some 30 years. He holds a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and holds 17 patents for new products. He serves as adjunct speaker for the Institute for Creation Research and associate speaker for Logos Research Associates. He’s the author of numerous books including the daily devotional, ‘Have You Considered? Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’.

Early on, Bruce put forth the following: ‘Imagine America if half of every single person in the entire nation had read a book showing how biology, chemistry, astronomy; all of it confirms and supports the Bible as reality and points to a creator behind it all.’ He believes that within a generation America would be a different nation. God is doing this in developing nations that his ministry is being allowed to visit.

Bruce went on to explain how we’ve allowed the public school system to train children with the idea that God is irrelevant and that everything can be explained without him. He indicated this is due to a misinterpretation of church/state separation that dates back to 1948. The result is that we now have 3 generations of Americans who’ve had God left out of their thinking when attending school. Some of these individuals have become teachers who’ve become even more convinced that what they believe is true because everyone says it and believes it.

The seminaries and Bible colleges have been affected by this as well. They want to be credible to the world so when they look at Genesis, what does it say? 10 times in Genesis God said that creatures reproduce after their own kind. That’s biology. Look at Genesis 6-9 where it says that every hill (or mountain) under heaven, under earth was covered by water (the flood). Clearly that’s not describing a local flood. This is crystal clear, geological language.

So pastors go through seminary and are told you can look at this as stories or analogies or realities, then they get into churches filled with people trained in an education system that says the Bible is nonsense and they end up saying that we don’t know what’s true.

Every experiment ever done by every scientist for hundreds of years that attempts to get chemicals to come together and alive is always the same. Chemicals never come alive. The proteins, the enzymes, the DNA structure; they don’t exist naturally. They’re only made inside of living cells/organisms. It’s an exercise in futility, so scientists should look at the results of these experiments and conclude that something outside of life must have made life and organized it. It’s a logical and scientifically observable conclusion.

Bruce believes that the belief in evolution is a belief in faith; that in the future we’ll discover something that will allow us to explain things without God, while the experiments that we do show us there had to have been an organizer of life.

In Romans chapter 1:19-21, we’re told that everyone is without excuse for belief in God because of what he has made. Even his power and nature can be seen by what he’s made. Every observation of science says that matter could not have created itself. The only option left is that the universe has a maker.

There’s much more to learn from this broadcast, and that includes information supplied from Bruce, as he responds to comments from Crosstalk listeners.

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