News Roundup 9-14-18

​Date:       September 14, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​The following headlines highlighted this week’s edition of the News Round-Up:

–Hurricane Florence came ashore this morning knocking electricity out to more
than a half million customers throughout eastern North Carolina and the mid-
section of the state.
–The editorial board of the Washington Post had declared that President Trump is
complicit for hurricane Florence because of his views on climate change.
–At least one person was killed and more than 20 were injured in Massachusetts
yesterday after a series of gas explosions took place outside Boston.
–The National Transportation Safety Board is launching an investigation over the
series of gas explosions and fires in the Merrimack Valley.
–Yesterday afternoon, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne
Feinstein, announced that she had received a letter from a woman about Supreme
Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
–The FBI says they will not be investigating Feinstein’s last-second attempt to
smear Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
–Kavanaugh vigorously denies claims involving alleged behavior during high school
that was made in an undisclosed letter turned over to the FBI.
–Opposition to the Kavanaugh confirmation pose thousands of written questions in
efforts to stall/derail the confirmation process.
–Pro-abortion activists are using the mail system to send pro-abortion Republican
Susan Collins a dramatic protest against Kavanaugh’s potential confirmation. In
hopes of pressuring her to vote ‘no’, pro-abortion activists have sent her an
estimated 3,000 wire coat hangers since July. Such coat hangers supposedly
denote deadly ‘back-alley’ abortions that occurred before Roe v. Wade.
–Senator Collins’ office has received threats of rape and other forms of
violence from abortion activists who want her to vote against the nomination of
–Collins is being threatened with a nearly one million dollar campaign fund to
back another candidate if she votes for Kavanaugh.
–Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against Democratic Senator Cory
Booker for deliberately breaking Senate rules and releasing confidential
committee documents for political gain.
–In audio presented by Jim, Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg criticizes
the highly partisan Supreme Court nomination process.
–The White House said Monday that planning is under way for a second meeting
between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
–President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday authorizing sanctions
against any nation that interferes with U.S. elections, declaring election
meddling efforts a national emergency.
–The Trump administration has announced that the office of the General Delegation
of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Washington, D.C., will close.
–John Bolton believes the International Criminal Court is ineffective,
unaccountable, and outright dangerous.
–The Trump administration has now adopted the international definition of anti-
semitism that is widely used by governmental agencies including the State
Department. Judaism is now defined as not only a religion, but also as an
ethnic origin.
–Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed in an exclusive segment that a newly
obtained e-mail from inside Google allegedly shows the tech giant’s pro-Hillary
bias during the 2016 election.
–The non-theistic Satanic Temple (not to be confused with the Church of Satan)
has gained significant prominence and a spike in membership since President
Trump won election.

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