News Roundup 9-7-18

​​Date:       September 7, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​Below is just a sample of what Jim presented to listeners on this edition of our weekly round-up and comment program.

–13 left-wing groups have scolded Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer for failing
the progressive base by not blocking Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the
Supreme Court.
–New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker made a scene at the Kavanaugh hearing,
daring Republicans to expel him from the Senate, vowing to knowingly break
Senate rules by releasing confidential committee documents and accuse Kavanaugh
of having something to hide. As it turns out, the documents that Booker
released had already been cleared for publication at 4am that morning.
So Booker wasn’t breaking any rules, he was merely ‘grandstanding’.
–A new document has been released indicating that Brett Kavanaugh is possibly
open to overturning Roe v. Wade.
–During questioning, Kavanaugh told the Senate that the government cannot force
Christian groups to pay for abortions.
–Under questioning from pro-life Senator Lindsey Graham, Kavanaugh confirmed that
there’s no specific right to abortion in the Constitution.
–Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel has indicated that there are paid protesters at
the Kavanaugh hearings.
–The ideological balance of the U.S. 6th and 7th Circuit Courts has been shifted
from liberal to conservative thanks to judicial nominees elected by President
Donald Trump with more on the horizon.
–Republican Jon Kyl of Arizona, who served 3 terms in the Senate before retiring
in 2012, has been sworn in to fill the open seat left by the death of Senator
John McCain.
–Homosexual activists are outraged over the appointment of Jon Kyl.
–India’s supreme court has decriminalized homosexual sex acts.
–Homosexual activists are still calling and harassing an 81 year old Ontario,
Canada, man even though his Christian themed billboard had been down for over a
–There’s evidence that unisex changing rooms at public swimming pools are
becoming a magnet for sexual offenders in the U.K.
–A plan in Scotland was proposed to let people simply self-identify as either a
man, woman or something else, alleviating them of any obligation to undergo
counseling or treatment. Now the most extreme supporters of that idea have
proposed an option for children to be allowed to change their sex on their birth
certificate, even if their parents object.
–The Human Rights Campaign is trumpeting former Vice President Joe Biden to be
the headline for their 22nd annual national dinner.
–266 Chicago school employees failed background checks including 60 teachers.
–The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has filed a lawsuit against the
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) for violating the free speech
rights of one of its students and having an unconstitutional public assembly
–Wary of capitalism, young people are turning to socialism. Membership in the
Democratic Socialists of America has increased more than 600% in the last 3
years to pass 45,000 members.
–A Gallup poll last month found that Democrats have a more positive view of
socialism than capitalism.
–North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has given his first timeline for denuclearization
aiming for the end of U.S. President Donald Trump’s first term.
–A piano teacher is suing a charter school for rejecting her application because
of worries that many of the old masterpieces she uses in her teaching are

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