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​Date:        August 29, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
​Guest:     Ray Comfort
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​Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best-selling author of more than 80 books including, Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible, and The Evidence Bible. He co-hosts the television program, The Way of the Master.  He’s also the Executive Producer on the movies, ‘Audacity’, ‘180’, ‘Evolution vs. God’, ‘The Atheist Delusion’, ‘Noah and the Last Days’, and others, which have been seen by millions. He has recently produced a brand-new film, ‘The Fool’.

Why would ray choose the title ‘The Fool’ when that hardly seems to build up confidence in an individual? It’s because the movie is all about Ray! For years he ridiculed atheism by holding up a Coke can while preaching. He’d remark how billions of years ago there was a big explosion in space. No one knows what caused it. From the explosion came a big rock and on the rock there was found a sweet, bubbly substance. Over millions of years aluminum crept up the side, formed itself into a can, red paint fell from the sky and formed the words: Coca-Cola-12 fluid ounces.

Atheists claimed Ray was insulting their intelligence because they’d tell him he knew that the can was made and if it’s made, it must have a maker. By contrast Ray noted the common banana. It has a top for ease of entry, it has perforations on the wrapper (which is biodegradable). You can even tell the conditions of its contents: green—too early, yellow-just right, black—too late. It’s just the right shape for the human mouth, it’s palatable, good for you, and chewy. It’s even curved toward the face to make the eating process easier.

This was just a fun thing he did for about 20 years at seminars and in open-air preaching to parody atheism and show how dumb it is to believe that nothing created everything.

Then one day he decided to do it on his TV program, an edition that he was working on with Kirk Cameron where the subject was atheism. Kirk used to be an atheist so he warned Ray not to do this because of the mocking Ray would receive. Since it was Christian TV, Ray felt atheists wouldn’t see it.

About 3 or 4 years later, someone told Ray that he was all over the Internet. Someone had taken the TV segment, edited the Coke can, and just had Ray saying that the banana was proof for God’s existence. Eventually well-known atheist Richard Dawkins heard about this and started doing the parody on international TV and at universities, on social media and You Tube. Ray instantly became internationally known as the celebrity, atheist idiot known as ‘Bananaman’.

Then something interesting happened. Atheists began asking Ray to appear on their TV shows and blogs. When they’d interview him they were surprised that he could string an entire sentence together. This allowed Ray to literally preach the gospel to atheists all around the world. So while wearing the ‘Bananaman’ mantle wasn’t fun, it gave him a platform to present the gospel and to even develop friendships with high profile atheists, a platform that he otherwise would not have had.

Ray has so much more to contribute, including how he even uses his dog as an evangelism tool! Hear it all when you review this fun and informative Crosstalk broadcast.

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