Creation vs. Evolution: Is Genesis Relevant? 8-13-18

​Date:        August 13, 2018
Host:        Dalton Windsor
Guest:      Bodie Hodge
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​This edition of Crosstalk featured Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis who spoke at VCY America’s Spring rally earlier this month.

Bodie began by noting how there’s not only something wrong with the culture today but also with the church within our culture. He cited George Barna from 2000. When asked to estimate the likelihood that they will continue to participate in church life once they are living on their own, levels dropped to about 1 in every 3 teens. In other words, 70% of kids in church homes say they will walk away from the church.

Bodie believes this is both a cultural and church problem that is interrelated and that it’s foundational. As Psalm 11 says, ‘If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?’

Since the foundation is essential, what is the foundational book of Christianity? It’s the Bible. What’s the foundational book within the Bible? It’s Genesis. In fact, every major doctrine of theology directly or indirectly ultimately goes back to Genesis. The 7 day week, the weekend, dominion over the earth, why we work, the doctrine of the curse, Jesus being called the ‘last Adam’, the first and second comings of Jesus…all of these and more have their basis in Genesis.

As his presentation moved along, Bodie laid out more evidence for the relevancy of Genesis. This includes:

–The doctrine of sin and its consequences.
–The sacrifices for sin and what they pointed to.
–A historical look at why many people today are so biblically illiterate.
–The secular view of how the universe came into being.
–What can we learn from the genealogies of the Bible?
–Where did the idea of millions and billions of years for the earth’s age come
–Who has the most evidence: evolutionists or creationists?

As man says ‘no’ to the Word of God, by default, man becomes the authority and views the evidence from that perspective. So in the end, it’s a battle over two different worldviews.

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