Faith of the Founders Rally 7-4-18

Date:      July 4, 2018
Host:     Gordon Morris
Guest:   William Federer
Listen:     MP3

​William Federer is the compiler of several books and computer programs detailing the Christian roots of our nation, and the continuing acknowledgement of our religious heritage by leaders from colonial days through the present.

This Crosstalk program features excerpts from a message he delivered at a VCY America Rally in April, 2001. Even though delivered before the events of 9-11-2001, the insights he presents are still relevant today.

In this message, William Federer outlines a number of areas where the founders not only allowed Christian influences in the design and development of the United States, but how they actually insisted that without that kind of foundation a republic such as ours could never be successful.

The original message was much longer that could be included during today’s program. Those ordering this Crosstalk program on CD will actually receive the entire message from that rally.

In addition, the message is available in DVD video form, which also shows many of the quotations mentioned, plus pictures of many of those men quoted, created from a program developed for use on home computers.

Ths program was originally broadcast in July, 2001.

More Information:
​Order the full rally message on CD

​Order the full rally messasge on DVD

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