Southern Baptist Convention at the Crossroads

Date:      June 12, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:    Alex Newman
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​​​Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, author, educator and consultant.  His articles frequently appear in The New American.  He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

Initial comments from Alex dealt with documents signed by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un concerning complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. He communicated his ‘gut-feeling’ that this is probably a stall tactic on the part of North Korea as well as commenting on the China connection.

He finished this portion of the discussion with comments on president Trump’s performance at the G7 summit.

The Southern Baptist Convention (the largest U.S. Protestant denomination) is currently meeting in Dallas, Texas. Alex has written that they are on the verge of falling to organized progressive social justice forces and anti-Trump activists.

Alex noted that there’s been a ‘back and forth’ between liberal and conservative factions within the denomination going back many decades. What he’s noted is that these social justice/progressive forces don’t come in waving a Marxist banner or a rainbow flag. Instead, he believes there are a lot of people within the SBC that would love to move the denomination in a more progressive direction. He cited those within the SBC who have the idea that maybe God has created people LGBT and that’s a fundamental part of their identity, so they feel the idea of an LGBT Christian needs to be grappled with. These individuals may feel that homosexual acts are still sinful and those who fit the LGBT profile need to be celibate, but once you begin allowing such ideas into the church, that becomes problematic.

Is the rank and file aware of the battle over this matter? Alex believes most of them are not and this point is what came through most clearly in his discussion with SBC pastors and members.

There is a resolution coming forth from conservatives within the denomination against the things that Alex brought up, but defining terms is very important. For example, Alex defined ‘social justice’ because at one time, the phrase had a positive connotation. However, it’s been hijacked by those who want to fundamentally transform Christian civilization so that now the phrase represents the effort to support abortion (reproductive justice), feminism, heavy taxes, open borders and more.

Jim and Alex also talk about the Revoice Conference taking place in July in St. Louis, some individuals supporting the progressive movement in general, and much more.

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