Halloween: The Dark Side

​​Date:      October 9, 2017
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:    Dr. David Brown
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​​Jim began by mentioning a Fox Business article that contains information from the National Retail Federation. The article noted that consumers are expected to spend a record 9.1 billion dollars on costumes, candy and pumpkins for Halloween. The average consumer is expected to spend just over $86 to gear up for this holiday. This year, a record number of adults (48%) say they even plan to dress up in costume.

Even churches have adopted Halloween into their church programs with parties and celebrations. Some call them ‘harvest parties’ but people still dress up in costumes, give out candy and bob for apples. Many Christians believe it’s just harmless fun.

Is this truly ‘harmless fun’ or is there more to it. What does the Bible indicate? Joining Jim to discuss this was Dr. David Brown. Dr. Brown is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, WI. He holds a masters degree in theology and PhD in history, specializing in the history of the English Bible. He’s also the president of Logos Communication Consortium, a research organization that produces a large variety of materials warning Christians of present dangers in our culture.

According to Dr. Brown, Halloween has always been an occult holiday. It goes back to two great fire festivals. One is May Eve and the other is November Eve which is October 31st. It was in honor of the lord of death and evil spirits. People thought they needed to appease this lord in order to not have him come and attack their farms, animals and crops.

Our early Pilgrim/Puritan forefathers disallowed Halloween because they knew of its occultic roots. In 1845/1846 the Irish potato famine took place. They were heavily into the worship of the pagan gods and goddesses that go all the way back to Baal worship. As Irish immigrants came to the U.S., they brought this celebration of Samhain with them. It was relabeled later as a result of the Roman Catholic Church changing their All Hallows Day to All Hallows Eve and hence, Halloween.

As this program progressed, Jim had Dr. Brown describe:

–The origin of dressing up in costumes.
–The origins of trick or treat and Jack O’ Lanterns.
–The significance of black cats.
–The harm of Halloween.
–The heroes of Halloween.
–Is there a Harry Potter connection?
–What’s the history behind Dracula?

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