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​​​​​​​​​​Date:         August 17, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:      Rich Christiano​​
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​Rich Christiano is a film writer, director, producer and distributor. Rich has been involved with multiple films. He’s the writer, director and producer of such films as ‘The Appointment’, ‘Time Changer, ‘Unidentified’, ‘The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry’ and ‘A Matter of Faith’.

This edition of Crosstalk looks at six, life-changing, Christian films that, in this day of such great rage and hostility, can touch people’s lives for Christ. Movies discussed included:

Heaven’s Heroes—This is a police drama about a veteran policeman and his wife who struggle with the stress and danger of the job as he attempts to witness to a fellow officer. It’s a movie that’s especially applicable to today because of the circumstances we hear and read about in the news involving law enforcement.

The Shepherd—In this movie a father has to choose between his enemy and the life of his own son.

Home Safe—This movie centers around a home where the mother knows Christ but the father lacks leadership, is permissive, and how this affects his relationship with his sons.

Brother Enemy—This movie is about a gang of angry teens that are breaking the law and how the power of the Gospel transforms a teenager’s life.

The Paradise Trail—For those who remember the classic TV Westerns, 2 outlaws take a preacher, his wife and a girl hostage in their flight from the law.

Test of Faith—This film is about a young man who goes to college and his physics professor not only doesn’t believe in God, he doesn’t want his students to believe in Him either.

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