Islamic Center Being Built in Pennsylvania

​Date:         August 8, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:       Sam Rohrer​
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​Sam Rohrer is the president of American Pastors Network and the Pennsylvania Pastors Network. It’s a group that has been identifying, equipping , educating and networking pastors and church members to ‘stand in the gap for truth’. For 18 years, Sam served as a state representative in Pennsylvania.

Jim began by noting that there’s a lot of discussion regarding the establishment of what appears to be another Islamic center. According to Sam, at the source of the controversy is a closed-down juvenile detention center that had been run by the state of Pennsylvania. Some months ago, activity concerning this 145 acre piece of property began moving forward, being announced by the Department of Government Services. They indicated there was a buyer for the facility so it was to be sold, led by the governor. That raised a great deal of concern in the township near Pittsburgh that this issue deals with.

The property started out valued at 7 million dollars. It then dropped about 3.5 million. Then there was a bid for $350,000. Sam indicated that this has moved so quickly through the process that this is the fastest movement of the sale of property of this magnitude that anyone in the House and Senate remembers. It appears to be a done deal from the standpoint of the governor although there are aspects of local government that question this.

The buyer is HIRA Education Services of North America. HIRA is the name of the cave in which Mohammed hid. The House and Senate couldn’t find any information about HIRA. The only information available is that there’s an apartment in New Jersey and the person connected to that apartment has only had income of $50,000 filed for the last 2 years. So the fact that they were bidding a much higher amount certainly raises questions. In addition, the State of New Jersey withdrew their non-profit status because they failed to file the necessary paperwork.

HIRA allegedly wants to make this facility a juvenile detention center. That seems benign enough, but when HIRA placed their bid, which was the second overall bid, it appeared to be the same person. Sam indicated that the deal required multiple bids. As Jim noted, the CEO of the company is bidding both personally and on behalf of the organization. In essence, he’s bidding against himself in order to meet state qualifications.

Why is the governor of Pennsylvania overlooking the bidding process? Why is there such a rush to push this project through? What’s going to happen at this center? What’s going to be taught to the juveniles? Find out more when you review this Crosstalk broadcast.

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To contact Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, call 717-787-2500.

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