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​​Date: August 31, 2016
Host: Jim Schneider 
Guest: Usama Dakdok
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​Usama Dakdok is a native of Egypt and an expert on Islam.  He is Director of the Straightway of Grace ministry, and speaker on the “Revealing the Truth about Islam” broadcast.  Usama has translated the Quran word for word into English to make readers fully aware of the agenda of Islam.  

An article quoting the President of Morocco claims that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Christians are mis-interpreting “Jihad”.  He states that there is nothing in Islam to justify the
terrorism we see in the world today, as the Quran says “not to kill the innocent”.

Usama pointed out that there are 26 verses in the Quran that require that Muslims perform Jihad against Christians and Jews, and all Muslim scholars agree that it means they must kill all people who will not become Muslim, until everyone on earth submits to Islam.

Statements in the Quran that say not to kill the innocent, were written as an instruction for Jews, not Muslims.  In fact Muslims are required to kill non-Muslims, or infidels, and also to kill any Muslim who leaves Islam.

John Kerry complains that the news media have too much coverage of terrorism, and it would be better if they left that subject alone.

Huma Abedin, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton, is a Muslim woman who has recently decided to divorce her husband because of unfaithfulness, even though the Quran permits Muslim men to have relations with other women, and does not permit wives to divorce their husbands.  But Huma and her family are devout Muslims,
and operate websites which promote Sharia. Should Hillary become President, Juma Abedin is a top candidate to be her Chief of Staff in the White House.

The White House has announced that their goal of accepting 10,000 Syrian Refugees has been met, and there are now proposals for 200,000 more such “refugees” to be permitted to come to the United States.  Usama says there is absolutely no serious”vetting” of these people, as they are simply asked if they are part of a terrorist organization like ISIS, and a simple “no” answer is considered sufficient to allow them to come in.  Many have no documentation whatsoever, and even if they did, documentation from birth certificates and university diplomas can be obtained very easily in many Muslim countries, if the purpose is to come to the United States to perform Jihad.

In fact, even Muslims who are citizens, have no allegiance except to Allah, who allows them to swear an oath of allegiance if they do not really mean it.  Thus the oath used to obtain American citizenship  means nothing to a Muslim.

Usama says that in his opinion, the United States is on the verge of extinction as a nation, destroyed from within because of the multiplied thousands of Muslims who are now–and who will be coming–to this country.  This is largely due to the policies of the Obama administration that Hillary has promised to continue.  Should the word come for an intifada in the United States, thousands of Muslims now in this country, many using weapons supplied by local mosques, would obey, and the claims of “peace” will be shown to be a sham.

A number of other current topics are also discussed on this program.

More information:

Usama’s ministry website is


It includes many resources to learn more about Islam, the Quran’s errors and contradictions.  Also available is information for Christians to learn how to witness to Muslims.

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