News Round-Up 6-10-16

​​​Date:   June 10, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

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​Jim filled this entire edition of Crosstalk with information concerning the following news stories:

–A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled that people do not have a Second
Amendment right to carry concealed weapons in public.
–Democratic National Committee platform committee member Bonnie Schaefer doesn’t
believe anyone should have a gun.
–Israel imposed a series of sweeping restrictions on the Palestinian movement,
employing hundreds of additional troops to the West Bank in response to a Tel
Aviv attack that killed 4 Israeli’s.
–President Obama renewed a presidential waver that would delay moving the U.S.
embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for another six months.
–Jew hatred is coming to France with Muslim migrants and the rising Muslim
–President Obama gives his endorsement to Hillary Clinton as the next president.
–In a court filing, lawyers for the State Department say that it would take 75
years to release the e-mails of Hillary Clinton’s staffers.
–The Obama administration has barred the release of those Clinton e-mails linked
to the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership deal until after the November
–President Obama insists that Americans have to take climate change seriously
otherwise Manhattan could end up under water.
–President Obama tells graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado
Springs that the U.S. military is stronger because women can now serve in all
combat positions and because we are closing down the Guantanamo Bay prison.
–The battle continues over whether women should have to sign up for a potential
–President Obama issued his proclamation for LGBT Pride Month 2016.
–President Obama is allegedly considering declaring a bar as a national monument
to the Stonewall Riots.
–Hillary Clinton wrote an editorial that shows her support for same-sex
–California legislators are working to force Christian colleges and universities
to embrace transgender rights or lose funding for students.
–The Department of Defense held its fifth LGBT Pride month ceremony in the
Pentagon courtyard.
–The Air Force Secretary says she is certain that transgenders will be allowed to
serve in a more open way.
–The Navy Secretary says that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was insidious and morally
–Target’s CEO holds tight to transgender restroom policy in spite of their 10
billion dollar Wall Street loss.
–A Long Island high school graduation ceremony will feature gender neutral
–Washington State to teach transgender theory beginning with Kindergarten
–New York City mayor launches government sponsored, city-wide, restroom ad
–An African American woman that leads a state chapter of the ACLU resigned,
citing her own daughter’s frightened reaction to males using a women’s restroom.
–A U.S. District Judge issued an order in an attempt to permanently overturn the
Alabama Supreme Court regarding marriage.
–A Virginia school board is facing a lawsuit over a policy that bans transgender
students from using bathrooms and locker rooms that match their preferred gender
identity due to bodily privacy concerns of other students.
–The NBA is embarking on a 2 week campaign to sell limited edition LGBT Pride
Month T-shirts. Proceeds of the sale will benefit the Gay, Lesbian & Straight
Education Network.
–Parents and teenage girls in Alaska are asking whether allowing a biological
male to compete against biological females in sports is fair after a boy who
identified as a female won a high profile track and field event.
–Baby Israel Stinson, who was diagnosed as ‘brain dead’, is said to be showing
improvement now that he’s receiving medical treatment outside the U.S.
–A Virginia family is fighting for the life of their 2 year old after hospital
says she is ‘probably’ brain-dead.
–A California medical practitioner has opened up his own euthanasia
practice, taking advantage of yesterday’s implementation of the state’s new
physician assisted suicide law.
–The governor of Oklahoma has signed a pro-life bill that will teach the public
and students that abortion kills a living human being.
–California state lawmakers are one step closer to expanding coverage under
Obamacare to illegal immigrants.
–ISIS burns 19 Yazidi women alive in metal cages because they refused to become
sex slaves.
–Pakistani mother burns her 17 year old daughter alive for marrying against
family wishes.
–The threat of a terrorist attack using nuclear materials is the highest since
the end of the cold war with ISIS actively trying to obtain weapons of mass
–Migrants in Chios burn down their tents and some have threatened to kill
children in protest of asylum waiting times.
–ISIS has issued kill lists that call on loyalists to attack everyone from
Minnesota police to State Department employees and ordinary citizens.
–The State Department has smashed a Syrian refugee admittance record.
–A school calls upon a sheriff to prevent a child from showing inspirational
notes to classmates.

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