News Round-Up 4-15-16

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:   April 15, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider

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Each Friday, Jim Schneider presents listeners with stories that go uncovered by many news services. This week’s stories included:

–U.S. Navy ship buzzed recently by Russian jets in the Baltic Sea could have
opened fire under U.S. military rules of engagement.
–China’s military has deployed new fighter jets to a contested island in the
South China Sea.
–The U.S. and the Philippines will solidify a new and increasingly complex
military relationship driven partly by China’s assertiveness in the South China
–India and the U.S. have agreed in principle to share military logistics.
–Budget cuts leaving Marine Corps aircraft grounded.
–The U.S. military charges a Taiwan born Navy officer with espionage for
allegedly passing military secrets to the Chinese or Taiwan.
–Switzerland is considering staging a tank battalion at its southern border with
Italy after news that Austria is ready to shut down the Brenner Pass between
Italy and Austria.
–Germany announced new integration reforms that will remove worker protections
from European Union and German citizens so that refugees can compete with them
for jobs.
–A former luxury hotel in Austria that was turned into a migrant center is the
site of an outbreak of a deadly bacterial disease.
–Number of children used by Boko Haram as human bombs has been rising.
–ISIS weapons cache found at a Spanish tourist hotspot and linked to a planned
terror attack.
–Syrian refugees are entering the U.S. at an average rate of 358 per week.
–A man who pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to ISIS
attended a Bloomington, Minnesota, mosque.
–The Harvard University law school hosted a Muslim Brotherhood organized
conference on April 13th.
–The Citadel is considering a request that a student be allowed to wear the hijab
in keeping with her Muslim faith.
–A Republican state lawmaker from Tennessee has come under attack because she
disseminated copies of a video that criticizes Islam.
–Al Jazeera America is off the air.
–President Obama appears to be planning revenge against Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu.
–Palestinian President will have nothing to do with a Jewish Israel.
–10 mayors across America to form a coalition united in protest against states
that are passing anti-LGBT laws.
–The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has issued a final ruling revising the
definition of ‘spouse’.
–Louisiana governor signs an executive order that gives brand new protections to
homosexuals and transgenders from employment discrimination on state-tied places
of work including with contractors.
–North Carolina’s governor signed an executive order that serves to affirm and
improve his state’s commitment to privacy and equality in the wake of new
bathroom privacy bill.
–Missouri’s religious liberty bill continues to draw criticism.
–The Department of Homeland Security’s naturalization test says ‘freedom of
worship’ rather than ‘freedom of religion’.
–A Christian small business owner in Texas will pay for labor and materials to
place ‘In God We Trust’ decals on city vehicles.
–A voluntary religious lunch effort for students in Middleton, Wisconsin, under
–The Bible was one of the top 10 most challenged books of 2015.
–The largest private coal company in the world filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
–President Obama to sign Paris global warming agreement next Friday.
–A new exhaustive study on precipitation levels from Stockholm University in
Sweden indicates that assumptions made by the United Nations and other climate
change activists are badly flawed.
–A lawsuit can go forward against the maker of the rifle that was used in the
Sandy Hook shooting.

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