News Round-Up 3-11-16

​​​Date:  March 11, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider

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Jim filled the hour with the latest news items that affect Christians around the world. Stories included:

–The Department of Justice announces new effort to promote religious freedom in
America’s schools by cracking down on discrimination and bullying especially as
it pertains to Muslims.
–Jesuit Georgetown University has elected the first Muslim Student Association
–Michigan’s substantial Muslim population helps Bernie Sanders win over Hillary
Clinton in presidential primary.
–Personalized jihad license plate shows up in the State of Missouri.
–Khalil Abu-Rayyan wanted to shoot up a Detroit church, kept a sword in his
car and it was his dream to behead someone. He also wanted to burn people
alive, tie them up and cut their tongues. Now the FBI is being accused of
radicalizing him.
–A federal jury finds an Air Force veteran guilty of trying to join ISIS.
–The Hungarian Interior Minister has announced that Hungary is officially in a
state of emergency due to refugees and illegal migrants.
–Wife loses her face and her hand is fused shut by Muslim husband via hot
–Muslim migrants creating havoc across Austria.
–The Department of Justice is expected to announce charges against up to 5
Iranians believed to be connected to the 2013 hacking of a New York Dam.
–Iran ordered by a U.S. judge to pay more than 10.5 billion in damages to
families killed during 911.
–British government officials are considering a new program to encourage women to
consider giving birth to babies diagnosed with fatal illnesses rather than have
an abortion so the the child’s organs can be harvested after they die.
–Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood said to be closely linked for financial
–3 abortion clinics, 2 in Georgia and 1 in Florida, either closed or closing.
–Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky files lawsuit against another Kentucky abortion
clinic with state documents saying that the premises were filthy, used
prescriptions that were nearly 2 decades past their due date, performed
abortions without any state license and had no ambulance agreement to transport
injured women.
–South Dakota passes 4 major pro-life bills.
–Indiana bill to protect unborn babies from being aborted simply because of a
disability, race or sex is on its way to the governor’s desk.
–West Virginia State Senate voted to override the governor’s veto of a bill to
ban the dismemberment abortion method.
–U.S. Special Forces capture the head of ISIS terror group unit trying to develop
chemical weapons.
–Nancy Reagan laid to rest.
–North Carolina can issue specialty vehicle license plates that are pro-life and
refuse to produce tags that offer pro-abortion views.
–Yesterday, March 10th, was declared to be the National Appreciation for Abortion
Providers Day.
–Kansas father left to raise his 5 children alone after his wife dies from a
pulmonary embolism less than 2 weeks after giving birth to triplets.
–A Minnesota bill could legalize assisted suicide (SF1880). It’s called the
Compassionate Care Act. A hearing is schedule for next Wednesday March 16th.
–Convicted sex offender is forced to resign from his position as leader of the
effort for biological males to be able to use the ladies room in Charlotte,
North Carolina.
–McDonald’s in Taiwan features ad where a young man ‘comes out’ to his father.
–New TV show celebrates bestiality.
–Democrats filibustered for over 36 hours against SJR39, a common sense bill that
would let Missouri citizens vote to ban government discrimination against people
of faith because of their beliefs about marriage.
–Georgia Republican governor comes out strongly against proposed legislation
protecting clergy and others from being forced to participate in or condone so-
called homosexual marriages.
–Attorney General Loretta Lynch admits that there have been discussions within
the Department of Justice about possibly perusing civil action against so-called
‘climate change deniers’.
–Colleges and universities worldwide are including classes dealing with changes
in the earth due to climate change. The classes are called ‘cli-Fi’.
–New York City school children were forced to produce and then pledge allegiance
to an international flag.
–An atheist is trying to reach children through a book called ‘Grandmother Fish’,
a book about evolution.
–A Senate panel voted in favor of confirming Common Core advocate John King Jr.
to serve as Secretary of Education until the end of President Obama’s term.
–Dr. Ben Carson gives his endorsement to Donald Trump.
–Hillary Clinton refuses to answer a question about quitting the campaign
if she’s indicted concerning her private e-mails.
–Navy Seal teams don’t have enough combat rifles.
–Iran reportedly test fired missiles with ‘Israel Must Be Wiped Out’ printed on
them in the Hebrew language.
–Iran threatens to walk away from the nuclear agreement reached last year if the
U.S. and other global powers fail to advance the Islamic republics national
–Palestinian Authority president praises a young Palestinian woman who attempted
to kill an Israeli defense soldier with her car.
–Israel is cracking down on Palestinian illegals after attacks.
–United Methodist Church to gather in May in Oregon to discuss anti-Israel

More Information:

For more information about the Compassionate Care Act (SF1880) call the Minnesota Family Council 612-789-8811

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