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​Air date: November 25, 2015

Host:   Jim Schneider

Guest:  Ben Everson

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Ben Everson is an evangelist with Bible Revival Ministries.  Ben is also an accomplished songwriter, vocalist and author of the book, ‘The Revival Nobody Wants.’

Ben began by describing what revival is and what it isn’t.  Revival is not raw emotionalism.  It’s also not a political movement.  Biblical revival has to do with God working in the heart of the believer in such a way that they are brought into a close relationship with Him.  That relationship is so close that it causes sin to be abhorrent to that individual.

Revival has first and foremost to do with God’s people.  Ben noted that you can’t revive (make alive again) that which has never been ‘vived’ in the first place.

Is getting a large number of people into churches an indication of revival?  Ben indicated that this is not necessarily true.  He described 3 levels to revival.  They include: 

Personal revival–We’re as close to God as we want to be.  

Corporate revival–This involves people getting right with God.  Testimonies are shared with the church, the church becomes convicted and before long, the church is experiencing corporate revival.

Awakening—This is when the church is lit on fire, the community takes notice and 
people are brought to Christ.

Ben warned listeners not to confuse political action for the truth or with a walk with God.  In other words, it’s possible to stand for all the right things externally but be far from God internally. 

How does the fire of revival get started in our own lives?  How should we interpret 2 Chronicles 7:14?  How does Ben describe the average state of the church in America?  How can parents be effectively involved so that younger generations will know the Lord?  Is there a correlation between music and revival? 

These and other questions are answered by Ben as he explained why revival starts in your house and not the White House.  

This program first aired September 30, 2015

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