Muslim Invasion of Europe–Will Europe be lost to Islam forever?

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Air date: November 5, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  I. Q. al Rassooli

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I. Q. al Rassooli is an Iraqi exile and an author, who is fluent in Arabic, the language of the basic documents of Islam.   I.Q. left Iraq as a young man to study abroad at a university.  He took advantage of this opportunity to compare the Bible to the Qur’an. 

What he discovered shocked him.  He set out on a 30-year examination of the Qur’an, Hadith, Arab and Islamic Histories, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Bible.  Mr. al-Rassooli is now committed to saving western civilization by exposing the facts and reality of Islam to a Qur’an-ignorant world.  He is the author of Lifting the Veil:  The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam, Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Jim listed a number of recent headlines that highlight the turmoil that has come with the inundation of millions of Muslim “refugees” who quickly begin making demands. A German politician says warns that they cannot guarantee public safety anymore.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns of fresh conflicts in Eastern Europe if countries fail to manage the refugee crisis.  Despite the EU policy of open borders in Europe, many countries are frantically building razor-wire border fences to stem the tide of invaders.

Mr. al-Rassooli says that what is taking place should be no surprise to anyone who understands what Islam is, and what its non-negotiable goals.  He states that anyone willing to read just the first 9 chapters of the Qur’an will find ample evidence of the true nature of Islam.

Not only does he indict Islamic ideology, but Mr. al-Rassooli also presents a scathing critique of Western Leftists, including most of the media, academia, politicians and clergy, who consistently refuse to open their eyes to the serious security threat posed by militant Islam, even as it unfolds before their eyes.

For example, in France, large numbers of Muslims are now routinely blocking streets in Paris on the pretense of needing the space–completely illegally–to hold their impromptu “prayers meetings” whenever they like.  No other group would get away with such behavior, but when it comes to Muslims even the police are afraid to intervene, despite the fact they are breaking the law, and instead protect them by preventing opposition.

There are reports of killings, rapes and gang rapes, crimes, and other atrocities being conducted in various countries by many of the so-called migrants, with little media attention.  Pamela Geller reports a Muslim in Germany who stated “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not…” 

Yet government leaders in Europe and in the United States refuse to acknowledge the threat of Islam, and they not only speak only positively about it, but also actively promote it’s agenda.

Concerning the future of Europe should things continue as they are, Mr. al Rassooli said that if Europeans are not awakened and outraged to the threat to their civilization, their culture, their way of life, and their Christian foundations, by March 2016 it will be too late–Europe will be lost to Islam forever.  Even for the United States, he stated unequivocally that continuing on the present path will mean the end of Western civilization. since civilization cannot exist under a Muslim Caliphate with its Sharia.

There are some signs of a turn to the right as Europeans want to confront the crisis and turn the situation around.  In Germany it has been called a “neo-Nazi revival”.

Jim concluded with a challenge for Christians to be lights in the darkness, sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Christ–and that includes Muslims, and to pray that they will come to faith.

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