A Matter of Faith (repeat)

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Air date: October 26, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Rich Christiano

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Rich Christiano is a film writer, director and producer. In 2002 he, along with his brother Dave, formed Five & Two Pictures. Rich has been involved with Multiple films. He is the writer, director and producer of such films as ‘The Appointment,’ ‘Time Changer,’ ‘Unidentified’ and ‘The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.’ Rich has been involved with a film called, ‘Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea’ and his newest release, ‘A Matter of Faith.’

These days it’s not uncommon to hear about young people who go off to college and eventually abandon their faith. It can start in subtle fashion but before long they’re no longer attending church, reading the Bible, they may show signs of rejecting God as creator and even questioning the authority of God’s Word.

So what can parents do? Rich decided to be part of the solution by producing a powerful, dramatic film that will open your eyes to not only the college pressures and what’s philosophically going on in those institutions, but also the drift that can take place in the life of those students who call themselves, ‘Christians.’

What motivated Rich to make such a movie? He came to the realization that evolution is taught in colleges and universities as a matter of fact. That bothered Rich because he realizes that no one can prove evolution. He also realizes that no one can prove creation either so this really comes down to a matter of faith, hence, the title of the movie.

‘A Matter of Faith’ is about a daughter of loving, Christian parents who takes a biology class at the local university. Her professor teaches evolution but he’s funny, clever and interesting and before long the girl starts drifting.

After about five weeks when she comes home to visit her parents, her father senses something’s wrong. Her father goes online and uncovers information that tells him the professor is an evolutionist so his desire is to find out why he doesn’t also teach biblical creation as an alternative.

The campus happens to have monthly debates and it’s the turn of the biology department to host the next debate. When the girl’s father comes to talk to the professor, the professor cleverly corners him and challenges him to a friendly debate on the subject. The father accepts but this creates conflict with his daughter in part because she feels this situation is going to cause her embarrassment on campus.

Should he back out to appease his daughter? Should he stand up for the truth by keeping his promise to debate the professor?

This Crosstalk includes audio excerpts from the ape scene, a debate among key characters, the movie trailer and much more as Rich and Jim discuss this new movie project.

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