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Air Date:  October 5, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  David Rives

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David Rives is president and founder of David Rives Ministries.  He is involved with historical, archaeological and scientific research and is committed to spreading the truth of the ultimate creator.  He’s written books, has produced videos, formed the Genesis Science Network and writes a regular column for WND.com.  

David’s passion from the beginning has been astronomy.  He eventually began doing photography where he was viewing the magnificent formations in outer space and he wanted to share what he saw with others.  After working up a presentation, speaking in some local churches and forming a non-profit ministry, he produced an amateur documentary called, ‘The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.’  It took off quickly and was eventually translated into Russian, German Ukrainian and even began appearing on Christian television.      

He noticed there weren’t many people addressing the issue of biblical astronomy. He looked at some of the problems related to an explosion that created everything, most notably, where did the matter come from that was part of the ‘big bang’ in the first place?  He concluded that if the big-bang can’t answer the question concerning the origin of matter, it has a major problem.

He began to do some research that quickly turned into his book, ‘Wonders Without Number’ and then he produced a 30 minute documentary called, ‘In the Beginning: Creation According to Genesis.’  It was a semi-finalist at the largest Christian film festival in the world and before long he was doing a weekly video column on World Net Daily.

All of this made him realize that people have a hunger to learn the scientific evidence of what we read in the Bible.  David realizes the Bible is not a science text.  However, wherever it does speak on science, the Bible is 100% accurate.  In fact, he came to discover that it predated scientific discovery in some instances by thousands of years.       

Some of the questions answered by David included:

–Did the Bible communicate germ theory long before man discovered it?
–Do the stars ‘speak’?  
–Does the Bible actually speak against a flat earth?
–Are sound science and the Bible compatible?
–Is there water on Mars?

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