Exposed: The Harvesting and Sales of Baby Body Parts

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Air Date: September 3, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Brad Mattes

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Jim began this issue of Crosstalk by informing listeners that Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk, Kim Davis, has been ordered to jail and to remain there until she agrees to issue licenses for same-sex marriages bearing her name. The plaintiffs didn’t request incarceration but the federal judge felt that financial fines were not enough and ordered her to jail.

Brad Mattes is the president and CEO of life Issues Institute based in Cincinnati. Brad is also president of the International Right to Life Federation, a frequent international speaker and lecturer on abortion and related life issues. He is also chairman of the board of directors of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network.

A 9th abortion related video has been released by the Center for Medical Progress. Brad noted that these videos have done more to educate the public about the truth concerning Planned Parenthood than his efforts over the past two decades.

Due to states and corporations that are withdrawing or ending support or Planned Parenthood, Brad believes these videos have caused the Planned Parenthood brand to become ‘toxic.’ The result is that they are being treated by some like a leper rather than a respected charity and non-profit organization.

On August 27th, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, said in a letter to Congress that some of their affiliates were paid as much as $60 for a specimen. Then the film was released that showed a price list where an intact baby goes for as high as $540. This shows how Planned Parenthood knows they are killing and dissecting and selling baby body parts for money. Brad described it as ‘blood money’ and a ‘cash cow’ for this industry and it’s time to stop the federal funding.

Won’t women have nowhere to turn if funding is stopped? Brad noted that there are over 11,000 community health centers across the U.S. that provide comprehensive health care (not abortion) to low income men and women who need it. Actually they’d get greater health care because they’d be attending facilities that have much more to offer. Why is that? Because there are no (zero) Planned Parenthood Federation of America centers that provide mammograms. Mammograms are referred out so women actually have to go elsewhere.

Of their pregnancy services, 94% of women who are pregnant and walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic come out not pregnant because their baby was killed.

Other points discussed on this program include:

–Does Planned Parenthood deny future services or send a bill to women who want to keep their baby after having what they thought was a free pregnancy test?
–What is Stem Express and what is their part in the harvesting/sales process?
–Is the allegation that Stem Express is intimidating former employees into silence true?
–Why have CBS, NBC and ABC been so silent about the recent video releases?
–What is Brad’s hope in regard to the House/Senate committee hearings on this issue?
–Are any states being punished for taking away funding from Planned Parenthood?

More Information:

To contact your elected representatives on this issue:
202-225-3121 (House Switchboard)
202-224-3121 (Senate Switchboard)

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