Islam and It’s Influence

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Air Date: August 14, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Usama Dakdok

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Usama Dakdok is the founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry. He was born and raised in Egypt in a Christian home. He learned Islam in the schools and also studied Shariah. He speaks fluent Arabic. He began the Straight Way of Grace Ministry as he travels across the country revealing the truth about Islam. He has translated the Qur’an and has authored the books, ‘Exposing the Truth About the Qur’an.’ He hosts a daily radio program on VCY America entitled, ‘Revealing the Truth About Islam.’

Some people around the nation are receiving hard-bound copies of ‘The Holy Qur’an—Color Coded Translation with Arabic Text.’ Why is this happening? Usama believes Muslims are trying to convince Americans that the Qur’an is holy when it’s not.

Usama went on to describe how liberal, wicked, ungodly churches are welcoming Muslims. Since such churches are proud to have the Qur’an in the church, Muslims are thinking that perhaps they can get others like Vic Eliason and Jim Schneider to read the Qur’an, hence the wider distribution of their alleged holy book.

Interestingly, Usama noted how these Muslims haven’t even read the Qur’an they are sending out, either in Arabic or English. He began his defense of this point by having Jim open the Qur’an to chapter 5 verse 51 where it says:

‘Oh ye who believe, take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors.’

Then Usama had Jim move to verses 72 and 73:

‘They do blaspheme who say, ‘Allah is Christ the son of Mary.’ They do blaspheme who say, ‘Allah is one of three in a trinity.’

What is the punishment for ‘blasphemers’ who believe that Christ is the son of Mary and who believe in the trinitarian aspect of the Godhead? Usama had Jim read the following in chapter 47 verse 4:

‘Therefore when ye meet the unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks.’

Usama noted that the phrase ‘in fight’ is not in the original Arabic but the meaning is the same. When you meet the Christians who believe the things noted above, cut off their heads.

Jim then read what it says in the cover letter received with the copy of the Qur’an that was mailed to VCY America. It describes Islam as bringing together faith in one God and then noted that this faith is:

‘A virtuous character imbued with humbleness, integrity and compassion and the establishment of peace and social justice in the world.’

How can Islam claim to nurture such characteristics in people when its holy book calls for the beheading of what it describes as blasphemers? This contradiction becomes even more apparent as this program moves along with Jim and Usama also discussing the following points:

–The danger of Shariah finance.
–Islam’s view of divorce.
–Does Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam accurately teach the Qur’an?
–Islamic man in Dubai lets his daughter drown rather than let her be touched by
–A 10 year old boy was beaten for wrongly reciting the Qur’an.
–Why the attraction by some to want to join ISIS?
–What is Chrislam?

…and much more.

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