Planned Parenthood’s Abortions

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Air Date: August 05, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet

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Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is a medical doctor, a preventative medical physician and CEO of International Health Strategies. She is past director of AAPS-the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Vliet is also chief medical officer of Med Expert Chile, an international medical consulting company based in Santiago, Chile, whose mission is high quality, lower cost medical care focused on preserving medical freedom, privacy and the Oath of Hippocrates commitment to individual patients.

Dr. Vliet brings her views to bear on the undercover findings from the Center for Medical Progress that reveal Planned Parenthood involvement in activities that pro-life groups have insisted have been taking place for many years.

She began by noting how heartsick this makes her feel that in this day, in this country, under the ethics we were raised with, that people can be this calloused over wine and salad in social situations talking about human beings in the way they did.

She cited statistics showing that since 1970, Planned Parenthood alone has performed almost 7 million abortions. Also, since 1973, the abortion rate for black children is approaching 18 million.

Dr. Vliet then presented and debunked the 3 lies of the left and Planned Parenthood. 1-Abortion is part of women’s health care. 2-If Planned Parenthood is defunded, poor women would have no health care. 3-Absent Planned Parenthood, women would not be able to obtain mammograms.

She noted how Planned Parenthood is on video discussing how ultrasound is used to guide the placement of the forceps in order to crush the skull of the baby so that they can salvage the body parts.

One must ask why? After all, isn’t the baby just a blob of tissue? Dr. Vliet answers that as well as she described how Planned Parenthood is adept at using terms like fetus, tissue, specimen and glob of cells to confuse the public and make them think that this isn’t a human being when in fact they’re hiding the emotional reality that this is a baby whose life is being snuffed out.

As the program moves along, Dr. Vliet also comments on the history of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger; Susan G. Komen Foundation’s support of Planned Parenthood; shocking information about House Speaker John Boehner’s Health Policy Director; the use of fetal tissue to save lives vs. discarding it and more.

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To contact your legislators regarding the abortion issue call:
202-224-3121 (senators)
202-225-3121 (congressmen)

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