Relentless Islamic Agenda Impacting the World

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Air Date: January 5, 2015

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Usama Dakdok

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Usama Dakdok is the founder and director of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry.

Jim began this edition of Crosstalk by mentioning a Palestinian video that’s gone viral that instructs Islamic jihadists how to stab a Jew quickly and efficiently in order to inflict maximum injury. Even the Jewish Press is reporting that Arab stabbing attacks on Jews have increased significantly in 2014.

This was just the first of numerous news stories pointing to the reality of an Islamic agenda that is relentlessly attempting to impact the world. Other stories included:

–Few sources have been reporting that the pilot of AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 was a devout Muslim.

–Ismail Abdullah Brinsley, who shot and killed two NYPD officers before killing himself, had an image of a page of the Qur’an on his Facebook site.

–Muslims torch 940 cars across France on New Year’s Eve.

–Human organ trafficking involvement by ISIS is being used to fund terror across the Middle East. Donors are not volunteering their organs for harvesting. Instead the organs are being forcibly removed from those who are still breathing.

–The Islamic State (ISIS) is planning an attack on the Queen’s guards and the royal family in England.

–A Danish couple is beaten with chains on Christmas Eve by those following the teachings of Islam.

–13 Christian families killed in Iraq after Christmas.

–A Muslim leader from India is claiming that every child is born a Muslim but that the parents and society are responsible for converting the child to other religions.

–A Muslim group is suing the U.S. Navy for beard discrimination.

–An Islamic vocabulary lesson is part of a common core high school English class.

According to Usama, Muslims now have the ‘upper hand’ in England and other areas of Europe. He believes that a 5-1/2% Muslim concentration is the tipping point. Combine this with the fact that President Obama wants to bring massive numbers of Muslim immigrants to America along with the ignorance of American churches regarding Islam and you can see why the Islamic agenda seems to be relentless.

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