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Air Date: September 8, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Paul Taylor

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Paul Taylor is the soon to be director of the Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center. He has been speaking and writing on the subject of creation for more than 30 years and was the senior speaker and manager of Answers in Genesis in the U.K. He was born in England and received a master’s degree in science education and a degree in chemistry. He was a science teacher in England and then in South Wales. He is the author of several books including, ‘Don’t Miss the Boat: Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat,’ ‘No Time for Itching Ears,’ ‘The Six Days of Genesis’ and several other titles.

Sometimes people aren’t aware of certain kinds of information or they don’t want to be aware of that information. Paul explained that in the latter case the refusal stems from presuppositions that people bring to any subject, including the subject of origins. In other words, the secular humanist has presuppositions as well. That makes it difficult for them to interpret evidence in any way other than through the ‘lens’ they’ve already developed. It takes a tremendous change in their worldview in order for them to see things differently.

Some people refuse to accept what’s clearly in front of them in spite of the fact that the biblical presupposition, unlike the evolutionary presupposition, is the one that is self-evidently true. You can’t explain scientific laws or laws of morality or logic apart from God. It’s absurd to think that these things started by random chance. Unfortunately there’s a spiritual blindness that causes people to refuse to accept the truth. It’s a blindness that the apostle Paul talks about in Romans chapter 1.

As this Crosstalk moved along, Jim and the listeners had Paul comment on the following:

–More and more Christian colleges, churches and entertainers don’t take Genesis
1-11 literally. Does it matter?

–Is the ‘Big Bang’ theory a biblically or scientifically viable option?

–What books are available to help children know the truth about creation science?

–The basics of radiometric dating.

…and much more.

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